Psychological Skills for Managing Anxiety and Depression

Psycholgical Skills for Managing Anxierty and Depresseion - Posted 22 April 2014

The Psychology Team at Mates4Mates are offering a Group Program called ‘Psychological skills for Managing Depression & Anxiety’ over 8weeks for eligible brave mates.

The course will be run in at Mates4Mates each Wednesday (in the conference room) for up to 8 participants between Wednesday 7 May 2014 and Wednesday 25 June 2014 from 0930h-1130h.

The course will be facilitated by our psychologists and teach cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness skills that have been shown to help reduce the impact of depression and anxiety on individuals and their families. For some people this may be a first introduction to these psychological strategies but for others it may be a great top-up or refresher. Either is fine.

If you’re interested in participating in this group program, email our psychologist, Louise O’Sullivan ( as soon as possible to discuss your interest as we’re only just over 2 weeks away from kicking off!