Relaxation Technique (2)

Relaxation Technique (2) for dealing with Chronic Pain - Posted 6 June 2014

Don’t forget to start by focussing on your breath and take a few minutes to calm the body and the mind before you begin. Take yourself to a quiet and relaxing place; wear loose, comfortable clothing if you can.

Rest your attention on a pain-free part of your body. At first, you might think there isn't such a place, but with persistence, you can find it. It could be your toes, your face, and your chest. Relax into that pain-free sensation, allowing it to become the predominate sensation if you can, even if for just a few moments. This allows you to see that you are not just pain since there's at least one place on your body that is pain-free.

You can take this technique a step further and engage a pain-free area in some movement. It might be gentle rotations of the ankles, a slow nodding of the head, or you may choose a big movement like raising your hands over your head as you breathe in and then bringing them back by your side as you exhale. You can do anything that feels comfortable.