Relaxation Technique (3)

Relaxation Technique (3) for dealing with Chronic Pain - Posted 13 June 2014

Consciously pay attention to other pleasant or at least interesting sense data that are in the present moment. Find as many as you can—the sight and feel of the sun shining through the window, the sound of cars passing by, a fleeting thought about what you'll eat for dinner, the hum of the refrigerator motor, the physical sensation of a wisp of hair on your cheek, an odour coming from the kitchen. Paying attention to as many sensory inputs as you can often eases your pain because it relegates it to just one of many sensory experiences going on in your life at the present moment.

Be patient with yourself when trying these techniques. If you try them and they don't help relieve your pain, take a deep breath, send non-judgmental compassionate thoughts to yourself—"it's hard to try these techniques and not have them work right away"—and then set the intention to try them again soon.