Meet Cameron Simpson and Luke Wood

Meet Cameron Simpson:


The grandson of a firefighter and the son of two police officers, Cameron was always destined for a life in the emergency services. He started his working career as a horticulturist but had always dreamed of being a firefighter and four years ago he was accepted into the New South Wales Fire Service. Something he didn’t think about while he was growing up was being part of the Firefighters Calendar.

After finding out about the Calendar through friends at work in 2015, Cameron has just completed his third photoshoot for the Calendar.

“I never thought that I would make one calendar, let alone be doing my third shoot!” Cameron said.

“Previous years I’ve just done a one day photoshoot, but this year I was up in Queensland shooting for four days.”

“It’s always a lot of fun though, and plenty of laughs. Plus we get to take photos with some super cute animals. For those who bought the Calendar last year, I can confirm the puppies are back in 2018!”

If you’ve ever seen one of these Calendars, you’d be right to assume that a lot of training goes on before the photoshoot. However, Cameron says he doesn’t change his training too much in the lead up to the shoot.

“I’ll alter my diet as the shoot gets closer, tracking calories and unfortunately have to stop having the occasional treats for a little bit!”

For those who are thinking about applying to be in the calendar, Cameron says go for it!

“We’re always looking for new faces from all fire services – including volunteer, Army, RAAF, full time and part timers.”

It’s not all glamour and muscles though, the Calendar actually helps a number of charities including Mates4Mates. Some of the other charities who are supported by the calendar include the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

“The Calendar’s contribution to the hospitals goes towards buying advanced machines, research and development to help with the children’s recovery or let them live a more comfortable life,” Cameron said.  

Mates4Mates is a charity Cameron’s passionate about supporting. Having current and ex-serving friends, many of whom have seen things most normal people will never see, he says it’s important to support the work Mates4Mates does every day to help our veterans.

“It’s so reassuring that Mates4Mates does exist and they’re able to offer the physical and emotional support to the incredible servicemen and women who’ve selflessly given so much to defend our country and make the world a better place.” (Please also  use as an bolded/insert quote box)


A message from Cameron:

“I’d like to thank all of the amazing people who have served or are still serving in the Australian Defence Force. You do an amazing job and certainly are the true heroes of Australia”


Meet Luke Wood


A childhood dream has quickly become a reality for firefighter Luke Wood. Luke has been a full time firefighter for six years and a volunteer firefighter for four years, something he’d always wanted to do. It wasn’t until a friend tagged him in a Facebook post before he considered being part of the Australian Firefighters Calendar though.

“Being a firefighter was my childhood dream!” Luke said.

Luke started his career in the fire service after serving for four years in the Australian Army as a Private in 3RAR. During his career in the Army Luke was deployed three times.
“I was deployed to the Solomon Islands in 2006, Iraq in 2006 and East Timor in 2008,” he said.

It’s probably his time in the Army that contributed to Luke’s strict training regime. He trains six days a week with a focus on weights particularly in the lead up to the Calendar photoshoot.

For anyone thinking of applying for the Calendar, Luke says get involved!

“Please apply! We want as many firefighters to be part of this amazing organisation as possible, so we can continue to help the charities the Calendar supports.”

As an ex-serving member of the Australian Defence Force, Luke is passionate about helping Mates4Mates and is proud that the Australian Firefighters Calendar, an organisation he’s been involved with for four years, is supporting Mates4Mates.

“I have seen firsthand how many ex-military personnel and their families struggle with life after the Military,” he said.

A message from Luke:

“Mates4Mates are saving lives and there is nothing more important than that.”