Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Mates4Mates is working with MRAEL, an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider (AASN), to provide tailored advice and specialised support services to prospective and current employers and apprentices.

Alongside Mates4Mates' other Employment & Education Support Services partners, MRAEL can offer our Mates:

Gateway Services
Gateway services are designed to assist eligible individuals in understanding the career pathways available to them, and that are most suitable based on their skills, interests and experience. It’s all about opening the ‘gate’ to help those recognise and unlock their potential and achieve career success in the industry that's most suited to them. MRAEL tailors the services to the needs of each eligible individual, through assisting individuals with information, advice and referrals specific to helping them achieve their personal career goals.

Skills Checkpoint
The Skills Checkpoint for Older Workers Pilot Program is an Australian Government Department of Education and Training funded initiative aimed at providing employed older workers (aged 45-54 years old) with an avenue to obtain skills analysis and advice about employment growth sectors.

To make an appointment with an MRAEL representative or find out more about how MRAEL and Mates4Mates can help you build your career, please contact us today.

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