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"We want to make a change in the veteran narrative by coming together as 'Status Resfeber' which means; "The restless heart before a journey begins". Essentially we're putting ourselves to the test! Challenging our love of travel and our eagerness to emulate the positive veteran narrative we are trekking the length of Norway on an epic 3,353 km journey. Not just to raise awareness, but to contribute to the change in how the modern veteran is discussed.

This trek is self funded and 100% of the donations raised will be going to  Mates4Mates. Sponsorship funds will be used to fly other veterans over to do parts of the trek with us."

Follow the amazing journey of these 2 veterans via their website:


Community Fundraising

Community fundraising activities ensure Mates4Mates continues to provide vital support services to current and ex-serving wounded, injured and ill Australian Defence Force members and their families. Create your own page for your fundraising activity in a few easy clicks!


Kokoda 2017_Ban

Embrace the spirit of Kokoda - proudly trekking for wounded, injured and ill current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force Mates and their families. Mates4Mates has made available this awe-inspiring Kokoda Adventure Challenge designed to stretch participants physically and psychologically. 



Mates4Mates regularly embarks on various cycling challenges or events to stretch participants physically and psychologically. The Big Battlefield Bike Ride (BBBR) is the original Help for Heroes fundraiser and Mates4Mates has been fortunate enough to be offered a very limited number of spaces for Mates to participate in the ride. 


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Mates4Mates offers an experience through our Equine Therapy Program, which challenges participants to break down their physical and psychological barriers by connecting with horses. Participants in the Equine Therapy Program interact and engage with horses through an educational and emotional experience, in a safe and calm environment, learning basic natural horsemanship while developing a trusting relationship. 


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Mates4Mates conducts holistic rehabilitation programs designed to push participants physically and psychologically in positive environments. Our challenges are difficult but realistic. They provide participants with a goal to work towards and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. They build motivation, teamwork and trust and have a profound effect on all participants.

Past Mates4Mates Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges have included activities like trekking Kokoda, kayaking across the Bass Strait and sailing in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

These challenges have a strong focus on rehabilitation. It is by facing a safe level of physical or psychological stress, and being pushed outside of their comfort zone, that participants regain lost confidence and self-worth.

Find out more on the Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges we offer at Mates4Mates here: /our-services/rehabilitation-adventure-challenges/