Help for when the road is rocky

Help for when the road is rocky

17 January 2021

One of our fundraisers, Cathy, spent her holidays making and selling rocky road to help veterans in need. As the spouse of a veteran, she knows first-hand the challenges that veterans can face and found an easy way to give back! Here’s what she had to say about her fundraising.

“Over Christmas I decided to raise some money to help Mates4Mates through making and selling my rocky road. I have been making rocky road for a few years and people seem to like it.

I consider Mates4Mates a very worthy group to support as I know the amazing work they do and love their ‘hands on,’ practical approach. As an ex-service spouse, I have seen first-hand the issues experienced by those who serve, veterans and families.

It started as a small idea, thinking I could raise a few dollars, but then it grew legs and I received orders for over 190 bags, so that was pretty huge. Once I put the word out, so many people were happy to support my fundraiser, and many had heard of Mates4Mates or wanted to learn more about the group. Many people from the Defence community in Brisbane supported my fundraiser. 

My husband, Cris (ex-Army), was delighted to donate the ingredients for the rocky road – and in the end I made around 1,900 pieces, so that was a lot of chocolate, Turkish delight, macadamias and marshmallows.

On the weekend before Christmas, our house felt like party central with everyone dropping in to collect their rocky road chatting about Mates4Mates and the issues affecting our Defence community. 

I had set myself a target of $1,500 which I was delighted to reach – I actually shed a few tears when a dear friend from Melbourne topped up the fund to reach my target. The fund then grew steadily and I was really thrilled to reach a final figure of $2,417. 

So, I am pleased to know that the money raised will be used by Mates4Mates to help someone in need – I was delighted to help out. 

I would like to thank all who supported my fundraiser from the bottom of my heart – so many people got on board for a great cause. Many people also gave additional donations which really helped exceed my target. They are all amazing.”

Written by Mates4Mates Fundraiser, Cathy 

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