Equine Therapy Program

Participants in the Equine Therapy Program interact and engage with horses through an educational and emotional experience, in a safe and calm environment, learning basic natural horsemanship while developing a trusting relationship.

Equine Therapy can help people with anxiety, depression and other emotional challenges to build trust and confidence, improve physical wellbeing, and enhance social skills. The bond between horse and human has proven highly therapeutic for many people who may otherwise find it difficult to communicate with others.

Equine Therapy for couples isn’t your traditional marriage intervention, but a chance to spend time away together where the focus is on the well-documented, therapeutic gains of working with animals.

The program is modified for couples so it includes time working on elements individually and time together. Participants also complete activities like working on Love Languages with their partner, creating artwork, and practising mindfulness.

“Time and time again you hear about the benefits of Equine Therapy, but until you actually experience it – experience the connection you make between yourself and the horse; the emotional and the physical connection, until you’ve actually experienced that first-hand – words don’t really do it justice.”

– a Mate on his experience in the Equine Therapy Program

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