Laura McMahon, General Manager - Marketing and Engagement

Laura McMahon is the General Manager Marketing and Engagement at Mates4Mates.  With post-graduate studies in marketing and communications, Laura has over 15 years’ senior level experience in strategic communications, marketing and public relations, within the public and private sectors in Australia and the Middle East. 

Laura leads a team of marketing, digital, design and fundraising staff, supporting the organisation to reach operational goals and continue the mission to support the military family. 

With experience working at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and as the partner of a veteran, Laura is well-versed in some of the challenges faced by veterans and is inspired to make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

In her spare time, you’ll find Laura outdoors keeping active with her family, playing touch football, and flicking through her favourite cookbooks. 

Laura McMahon, Mates4Mates General Manager Marketing and Engagement