Family Recovery Centres

Our Family Recovery Centres (FRCs) are the place where Mates can come and use our services, participate in a variety of social activites or just come and hang out!

Services provided at the Centres include:

Our Family Recovery Centres in Brisbane, Townsville and Hobart, and our outreach services play a vital role in helping our Mates and their families to work through the many challenges they may be facing. We also support Mates nationally through access to Rehabilitation Adventure Challenges, and our national Equine Therapy Program.

We take a contemporary approach to providing good old-fashioned mateship to a new generation and meeting the modern challenges facing servicemen and women wounded in more recent conflicts and missions.

It is our philosophy to work collaboratively with our Mates, their families, carers and other professionals involved in their care.

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Family Recovery Centre - Brisbane


Family Recovery Centre - Townsville

(Main entrance via Wotton Street)


Family Recovery Centre - Hobart

(Main entrance and parking via Montagu Street)