Arts Therapy for Children & Teens

Providing meaningful and creative group-based sessions to children and teenagers of current and ex-serving ADF members.

Our Arts Therapy Program provides meaningful and creative group-based sessions for children and teenagers of current and ex-serving Defence Force members.

Each session is hosted in a fun, creative and safe setting which supports participants in: 

  • Increasing self-awareness and overall wellbeing 
  • Developing new skills 
  • Feeling connected to self-identity through creative arts-making processes 
  • Creating social connectedness and provides an opportunity for shared understanding and learning within a group context 
  • Improving communication skills and coping strategies around challenging content that may arise during the program
  • Embracing their own unique experiences while considering what it means to be a child of service men and women in Australia

Arts Therapy is an evidence-based allied health profession which provides an avenue for young people to connect in a safe and fun therapeutic setting. It can complement other support services already being received by participants and is particularly helpful for any young person who may not be able to verbalise or conceptualise their feelings due to a developmental, cognitive or other barrier/condition. 

Mates4Mates Arts Therapy workshop is designed in conjunction with Papernook Arts Therapy and Wellness.