Partners and families

Support and connection for families of veterans or current ADF members.

When one member of the family experiences a service-related physical injury or mental health issue, the entire family can be affected. 

Spouses, partners, children or parents of veterans with service-related injuries can experience isolation or their own mental health challenges as a result of the circumstances of military life. We want you to know that it’s okay to reach out for help. Our support options are available for immediate family members.

From psychological services, to family BBQs, social connection activities, or yoga classes – we are here for you; to listen, to support, and to provide you with professional guidance to improve quality of life and relationships. You’ll also meet other families who understand the challenges often faced by Defence families.  

As a partner, child, or parent of a veteran with service-related injuries, you can apply to join Mates4Mates at any time. Your partner does not have to be registered for you to apply to join.

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Supporting teenagers and their mental health

While teenagers go through a wide range of typical changes mentally (and physically) as they move through adolescence, teens of Defence families may face their own unique series of challenges.


The benefits of seeking professional support

At times, we can turn to friends, family or even the internet for support when it comes to our mental and physical health, and while informal advice can be useful, it’s important to reach out for more formal, professional support.


Pathways to a positive future

We know that there can’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, which is why in 2022 we are offering a range of Skills for Recovery Programs for veterans and their families who need support with their physical, mental and social health.

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