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Setting SMART goals for success in 2021

When we welcome the New Year, many of us will set goals with good intentions. Read our latest article on setting SMART goals for 2021 and sticking to them.


How and why to practice mindful eating

Do you ever find yourself eating a plate of food or a snack and not really noticing what you are eating? Then reaching for more because you don’t feel full?


You deserve a break

After a roller coaster ride this year, now comes the time where we deserve a break! Yes, including you! Each of us have had our own challenges. So, what’s the right amount of rest and how do we take a break? Should every day be a cheat meal day? Should every day be a lazy day? Read our latest article on the right amount of rest; having a break.


Supporting veterans this Christmas

Veteran support charity, Mates4Mates, is calling on the community to put in a call over Christmas to a veteran who may be isolated.


Merry Motivation

The Christmas party season is upon us, but that’s no excuse to slip on your health and fitness routine. These simple hacks will keep you motivated and healthy these holidays.


What if?

What if health and fitness wasn’t about how you looked, or a number on a scale? What if we changed our language? What if instead of saying “you’ve lost weight”, or “you look skinny”, we said – “you seem happy”, “you look healthy”, “I’m loving your confidence”.