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Strong Bones!

We often hear a lot about muscles and the importance of strength. Bone strength is something that is less frequently discussed, however bone health is important for function.


How and why to practice mindful eating

Do you ever find yourself eating a plate of food or a snack and not really noticing what you are eating? Then reaching for more because you don’t feel full?


Two mates, two dogs and a cuppa

Mateship is at the heart of what we do at Mates4Mates. It’s a place for veterans to find a group of people they can call ‘mates’, and a place where they can feel understood and welcomed. That’s exactly what Steve Moore and Ted Tiessem found.


Meet a Mate - Garrick

Townsville Mate, Garrick Millar, has written a poem about his personal journey to recovery. Read Garrick's poem.


Social Connectedness

Next week, 10-18 October is Mental Health week in a number of states in Australia. The theme for this year is taking time for mental health. What better way is there to take time for our own mental health and contribute to the mental health of others other than spending time with people and feeling connected?


Meet a Mate - Gary

When veteran Gary Myors first walked through the doors at the Mates4Mates Family Recovery Centre in Hobart three years ago, it was a defining moment that changed his life forever. Read Gary's story.