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Encouraging self compassion in partners

It may be difficult for partners of veterans to find time to take care of themselves and this can be emotionally and physically exhausting, leading to burnout and ‘compassion fatigue’.


We've partnered with Sleepy's, The Mattress Experts

Mates4Mates is excited to announce a partnership with Sleepy’s to support veteran health and wellbeing through a good night’s sleep.


Improved support services for Sunshine Coast veterans

Mates4Mates has officially moved into the RSL Queensland Veteran & Family Wellbeing Centre on the Sunshine Coast!


What's the Healthy Relationships Program all about?

Mates4Mates skills-based group programs are designed by our clinicians to help support veterans and their families now and into the future.


Launching the Mates4Mates Social Needs Reports

Mates4Mates is delighted to share two reports on the social needs of Australian veterans’ families and Australian women veterans.


Mates4Mates has partnered with SHAPE Defence

Mates4Mates is excited to announce that SHAPE Australia has chosen us as their charity of choice partner for their business unit, SHAPE Defence.