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The impact of brain injuries

Brain Injury Awareness Week (15 - 21 August 2022) is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the impact of brain injuries within the veteran community.


The benefits of Pilates

Exercising plays a key role in promoting good health physically, mentally and socially, particularly for veterans, and one method of movement that can be beneficial is Pilates.


Darwin construction company wins tender for new Veteran and Family Hub

Mates4Mates has appointed Darwin-based Asset Construction to a $2.3m contract for the new Veteran and Family Hub located in Stuart Park.


National Pain Week: Raising awareness of chronic pain

National Pain Week, running from 25 - 31 July 2022, aims to raise awareness around chronic or persistent pain which is particularly common within the veteran community.


Brisbane Airshow supports Defence community

Mates4Mates was the Charity of Choice for the 2022 Brisbane Airshow, which raised important funds for veterans and their families impacted by service through its spectacular sky displays.


Busting myths around alcohol use

Alcohol reliance and addiction can be complicated and with common myths surrounding alcohol use, this can make seeking help more difficult for those who need support.