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Consistency over intensity

Have you ever started something with motivation and excitement, only to drop off from your routine and lose motivation within a few weeks or months?


Staying cool in summer

As we move into the warmer months, our bodies will be working harder to regulate while exercising. When we exercise, our body temperature increases. There are a number of ways our body thermoregulates (tries to stay within certain body temperature boundaries to prevent overheating).


Recovery focus drives Mates’ growth

Head of Mates4Mates, Bernadette Praske, shares her insights on some of the changes to our service offerings and the positive impact they have made.


Veterans’ Health Week 2021

This October, Mates4Mates are once again very excited to be participating in Veterans' Health Week. With over 30 activities planned, this is a great time for veterans and their families to join in and connect with like-minded people.


Arts Therapy for Partners of Veterans

Service-related physical injuries or mental health issues can affect the entire military family. As a partner of a veteran, you yourself may experience anxiety, depression, social isolation, and feelings of hopelessness as a result of a current or ex-serving partner’s trauma and subsequent mental illness.


What is Pandemic Fatigue? And how to manage it.

Pandemic Fatigue could be what many of us are experiencing as we reflect on the challenges of the last year and a half. Our Mates4Mates National Clinical Manager and Clinical Psychologist, Georgia Ash, explains the signs of Pandemic Fatigue and offers some tips to help manage it amidst the ongoing uncertainly, isolation and lockdowns of COVID-19.