Mates4Mates Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Mates4Mates is delighted to share our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia

As an organisation, Mates4Mates acknowledges the significant contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans have made to the Australian Defence Force and we recognise their service and commitment.

We are undertaking our Reflect RAP to ensure that, as an organisation, the services, operations, and the workplace of Mates4Mates is reflective and representative of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia.

We want to ensure that we provide culturally safe, supportive and appropriate spaces, where our staff are trained and aware of the histories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and that as an organisation, we are active in respecting traditions and playing a positive role in reconciliation.

Through our RAP, we at Mates4Mates commit to:

  • Ensuring all staff undergo cultural competence training
  • Implementing an Acknowledgement of Country at meetings and events
  • Celebrating National Reconciliation Week
  • Displaying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in all centres
  • Developing and embedding inclusive policies within Mates4Mates.

Through a meaningful and steady approach, Mates4Mates will implement the Reflect RAP and continue our journey to reconciliation.

As part of our Reflect RAP, we have established a RAP Working Group, which includes our Reflect RAP Lead, members of our staff from across the country, along with endorsement and support from our executive leadership team.

A digital copy of the Mates4Mates Reflect RAP can be found via the link below, with printed hard copies available within each centre.

The artwork featured in the Mates4Mates Reflect RAP was created by ‘Art By Woodulngul’ artist, Shakira Kitching. Shakira is a proud Andajan Kija, Bardi, Gurindji and Larrakia woman.

This piece is titled ‘Healing’ and reflects the healing journey our heroes go on to reconnect with themselves and find peace again. 

While we recognise that reconciliation is an ongoing journey, we look forward to working directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, our staff and clients, and the wider Defence and veteran community, to implement the actions outlined in our RAP.

Download the Mates4Mates Reflect RAP