School Arts Therapy Program

The Mates4Mates School Arts Therapy Program provides meaningful and creative group-based sessions for young people of current and ex-serving Defence Force members.

What is Arts Therapy?

Arts Therapy is a nurturing way for young people to connect in a safe and fun therapeutic setting, to increase their self-awareness and overall wellbeing through creative activities.

The program may help improve communication skills and coping strategies for young people who find it difficult to talk about their feelings due to developmental, cognitive, or other barriers/conditions.

Other benefits for young people may include:

  • Increased self-awareness and overall wellbeing
  • Development of new skills
  • Increased connection to self-identity through creative arts-making processes
  • Development of social connections and opportunities for shared understanding and learning within a group context
  • Improved communication skills and coping strategies as a result of managing challenging content that may arise during the program
  • Embracing their own unique experiences while exploring what it means to be a child of service men and women in Australia

Arts Therapy is an evidence-based allied health practice which can complement other support services already being received by children.

Who is Mates4Mates?

Mates4Mates is one of Australia’s leading veteran charities, actively changing the lives of current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members and their families impacted by service.

Mates4Mates provides a way forward for those experiencing physical injuries, mental health impacts, and social disconnection. From mental health and physical rehabilitation services to wellbeing programs and social connection activities – our services are proven to make a real difference.

Throughout the year, the School Arts Therapy Program is run at different schools each term, however, one-on-one Arts Therapy appointments are available for children, teenagers, and adults at the Mates4Mates Brisbane Centre and via telehealth. To make an appointment, please call 1300 4 MATES (62 837).

Places in the program are available to young people with parents or care givers registered with Mates4Mates.

Upcoming Programs

Springfield Central State High School

The program will be held during school hours, from 11:00am to 12:00pm, every Tuesday starting 31 October to 5 December. It will be run by qualified Arts Therapist, Jasmine Sernberg.  

To participate in the program, parents or care givers must be registered with Mates4Mates.  

Expressions of interest for this program have now closed. If you have any questions about the program, please contact