Mates4Mates Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program

Are you a veteran impacted by their service who is living with a heart or respiratory condition?

Then the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program may be for you.

What is the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program?

Newly developed by Mates4Mates, the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program is designed by our Exercise Physiologists to help veterans gain a better understanding and greater confidence in managing their heart or respiratory conditions.

The program will provide veterans with lifestyle modifications and strategies they can implement to manage their own conditions as well as show them how physical activity can help improve quality of life and capacity to do the things you enjoy.

Upcoming Programs

Running at the Townsville Family Recovery Centre, this program will run across five weeks, every Tuesday and Thursday, starting 19 May to 21 June 2022, from 1:00pm to 2:30pm.

Please note that initial consultations will occur the week prior to the program starting (the week of 9 May) to collect baseline data. A final consultation will then take place between 22 – 29 June 2022.

Participating in this program means that you are expected to attend all sessions. 

Places in the program are available to veterans registered with Mates4Mates. If you are not an inducted Mates4Mates member and would like to take part, simply complete your Mates4Mates application online and our team will be in touch soon.

Expression of interest for the program are closed.

If you are interested in upcoming programs, please don't hesitate to be in contact. Send your enquiry through to