Partnering with ACU to support more veterans

04 March 2024

Mates4Mates is excited to partner with the Australian Catholic University (ACU) to collaborate on several initiatives to benefit the veteran community.

Australian Catholic University (ACU) was the first Australian university to establish a dedicated Veteran Entry Program (VEP) that enables current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to be granted a selection rank for entry to university based on their military training achievements. 

With the launch of the Student Veteran Support Program (SVSP) in 2019, ACU offers support services and academic resources, including the Veteran Transition Program (VTP) to help veterans ease into university life. These programs and recognition of prior learning acknowledges a veteran’s service to provide entry into and credit towards a university degree.   

In 2022, ACU also established a Leadership Centre in Townsville for veterans, serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families, providing them with access to educational opportunities. 

ACU Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Zlatko Skrbis shared the importance of collaborating with an ex-service organisation like Mates4Mates to support veterans and their families.  

“Australian Catholic University welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with an organisation that is aligned to a vision to enrich the lives of veterans and their families,” Professor Skrbis said. 

“This partnership will extend the reach of ACU’s transformative student veteran pathways so that more members of the Defence community can unlock their enormous potential.” 

Mates4Mates Chief Executive Officer, Emma Whitehead also highlighted the importance of working together with educational organisations that support the Defence community. 

"It’s important to us at Mates4Mates that we partner with organisations that share in our vision of an Australia where all members of the ADF community are supported physically, psychologically and socially,” Emma said. 

“Collaborating with ACU to share the impact of their programs and our services with the wider veteran community will allow us to continue providing a way forward for current and ex-serving Defence Force members.” 

For more information about ACU and their Veteran Entry Program (VEP), please visit their website here.

To find out more about our services at Mates4Mates, make the call that makes the difference on 1300 4 MATES (62 837).     

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