You deserve a break

You deserve a break

18 December 2020

After a roller coaster ride this year, now comes the time where we deserve a break! Yes, including you! Each of us have had our own challenges. So, what’s the right amount of rest and how do we take a break? Should every day be a cheat meal day? Should every day be a lazy day? Read our latest article on the right amount of rest; having a break.

Having a break means that you reward yourself for the hard work that you have done and acknowledge all that you’ve achieved. Your reward should help you unwind and relax; it should NOT undo any work that you’ve done.

To keep it simple you can focus on these two things during your break:

1. Keep moving – Your fitness routine doesn’t need to continue to be tough or high intensity. Here are some low intensity activities which will help you maintain your fitness:

  • Walking the dog or with a friend – 30 minutes each day will offset many health risks.
  • Stretching during ad breaks if you’re watching the TV – repeated 5min intervals can quickly add up to 20-30mins of your favourite (or dreaded) stretches. Try incorporating  some Pilates or yoga flow movements.
  • Visit new places – often this leads to a big step count at the end of the day.
  • Grab some mates and play some social/beach games such as frisbee, cricket, force-em-back or catch.

2. Balance your eating and your portions – Enjoy your best treat and vice food but use it as a reward. Don’t eat so much that you know you’ve overeaten. Go into your treat/meal to enjoy it, not to gorge until you regret it. It will take some discipline; it should be about good food and good company not food quantity.

The next season will be easier to start when you’ve rested and rewarded your work with good self-control. When you’re ready to get back to it, our friendly team is available to start your year right! Reach out now and make your appointments for when we return, fully charged and rearing-to-go.

See you in 2021! 

Written by Mates4Mates National Clinical Manager, Georgia Ash

  • Mental health
  • Veterans

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