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Skills for Recovery changes

With COVID-19 restrictions impacting the way we deliver services nationally, we have made some changes to our Skills for Recovery Programs that were planned for 2020.


Move more, sit less

During the current restrictions you may have noticed that working from home and/or isolation has led to increased time spent sitting or sedentary behaviours. The incidental physical activity such as walking to and from work, to meetings or to the photocopier has been taken away and you may not have access to a standing desk in your home office, all contributing to the increased sitting time.


Nutritional Psychology

Current social restrictions have created a number of changes in the way that we are living our lives, one of those being that we may be spending more time at home. Increased levels of boredom and inactivity may lead to challenges in areas of our life including our diet, as unhealthy food choices may be easier to access and physical activity may be reduced


Coping with anxiety as restrictions are lifted

As the current COVID health situation changes in Australia, restrictions on areas of our lives will be lifted and some areas will start getting back to normal again. Having worked hard to adapt to the current restrictions, these changes may raise anxiety for a number of reasons.


Incredible efforts from our Fundraising Force in April

Last month was a very different month for people all over the world and it’s typically a very busy time in the Defence community, in the lead up to ANZAC Day. Despite all of the restrictions in place, our amazing Fundraising Force still found a way to honour veterans, raising some much-needed funds for a cause close to their hearts.


Reset with COVID-19 restrictions easing

Although each state and territory are different, the easing of COVID-19 restrictions are getting closer, if not already here. While many of us are excited to commence getting back to the way things used to be, this time also presents an opportunity for us to bring focus and reassessment to our lives and goals.