It's better with mates

It's better with mates

29 July 2020

Exercising has many benefits but sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated. That's why we recommend incorporating group fitness into your routine. Read more about group fitness and how it can benefit you.

We know exercise has many benefits which include maintaining function, reducing cardiovascular and metabolic disease risks, improving mental health and managing chronic pain. Knowing this, more than half the population is insufficiently active and less than a quarter are participating in resistance training. 

Motivation, access, enjoyment and exercise knowledge can be barriers to exercise, especially when exercising alone. If this is you, try our group classes on offer at Mates4Mates under the guidance of our Physical Recovery team. 
Why participate in group exercise?
  • Exercising with others increases enjoyment, it is as much social as it is exercise.
  • Be inspired by others working through their conditions which may be similar or different to yours and motivate each other.
  • You can build an exercise support network and encourage each other to achieve health goals. 
  • Making a plan to exercise with others makes you accountable and less likely to make an excuse to get out of it. 
  • Sessions are already planned by the instructor so you just need to show up. 
  • You can move through a variety of movements and exercises with the guidance of the instructor. 
Join other Mates working towards their physical and mental health goals in a safe and friendly environment. Make yourself accountable and commit to your recovery and/or health goals by joining one or more of our group hydrotherapy, pilates and PT classes.

Written by Mates4Mates Exercise Physiologist, Nami Terada

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