Mates4Mates National Appeal Day 2020 Partners

Changing lives is a team effort, which is why we’re proud to have partnered with some great companies and people to help us raise $100,000 on National Appeal Day. Every donation on the day will be doubled, with their support. Find out why each partner chose to support us below.

Adagold Aviation is proud to pledge to Mates4Mates National Appeal day to assist veterans obtain access to vital services. Adagold Aviation chooses to support Mates4Mates as they create awareness of the specific support services needed by Defence service personnel. 


RSL Pioneer-Fitzroy-Highlands District is a sister veteran service organisation of Mates4Mates and is proud to support the Mates4Mates National Appeal Day as all funds donated will enhance the welfare and wellbeing of our veteran mates.

Australian Military Bank is proud to pledge to the Mates4Mates National Appeal day to give veterans the physical, mental and social support they need. They will be matching online donations made on the Mates4Mates National Appeal - Thursday 5 November from their ‘cents gifting’ Military Rewards Account initiative funds, raised this year. To read more about the Military Rewards Account, please visit



The Broomhead Family Foundation are proud to support Mates4Mates National Appeal Day to help ensure veterans and their families have access to quality, life-changing services.



Individuals & Families

We would like to extend a special thank you to the families and individuals who have generously pledged to support National Appeal Day.


The Johnson Family

"In honour of our son and brother; Joshua Thomas Johnson, we gratefully pledge $5,000 to the Mates4Mates National Appeal Day’s matching pot. We hope this gift will encourage others to donate on National Appeal Day when together we will help other veterans to obtain the professional support needed in order to live their best life. Mates4Mates was always a positive light in Joshua's life. Joshua passed away on June 18, 2019 aged 42."


Derick George Haddrill Estate

Derick George Haddrill who passed away on 7 September 2019, aged 75, made a generous pledge to support other veterans. Derick was an ex veteran who was engaged in his local RSL and wanted to ensure all veterans receive support and social connection in their post defence life.

The opportunity to help veterans who are without family was very important to Derick and why he pledged to support Mates4Mates.

Media Partners

Our media partners help spread the word about National Appeal Day so we can reach more people. We are so thankful for their support.  

Media Partners 97.3 and Gipps


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