Adventure, wellness and Mates await

Adventure, wellness and Mates await

15 December 2021

“It’s about stepping away and spending some time on yourself and your own wellbeing. Learning to manage stress and anxiety, and improving our mood and motivation levels, is important. These One-Day Wellness Programs are a supportive and interesting way to do that.” - Trinity, Mates4Mates Counsellor

Throughout 2021, our Mates have enjoyed twelve One-Day Wellness Programs across the country. From the joy of riding their first wave on a surfboard to mastering the art of painting, veterans have been exposed to new experiences while learning practical mindfulness techniques to manage their wellbeing.

Each of our One-Day Wellness Programs are facilitated by a member of our clinical team and are designed to assist veterans in managing their mental, physical, and social health. As part of these programs, our Mates have stepped out of their comfort zone to be challenged with hiking, abseiling, glass blowing and pottery classes, all while learning techniques
to better manage stress and anxiety, thanks to the practice of mindfulness, self-compassion and breath work.

A Day of Wellbeing

  1. Wellness: At the start of the session, our Mates are provided with a workbook to write down their goals for the day before discussing techniques to achieve and maintain wellness, such as diaphragmatic breathing.
  2. Activity: Mates then put these new techniques to the test while taking part in an activity such as surfing or pottery. Throughout the activity, they also get to enjoy connecting and engaging with others.
  3. Reflect: The session concludes with our Mates taking part in a reflection and discussion about incorporating their wellness techniques into the activity and their
    everyday lives.

Interested in taking part in our upcoming programs? Thanks to the success of our programs this year, we’ll be delivering another twelve One-Day Wellness Programs in 2022. Our programs are open to all veterans and their families who are registered with Mates4Mates. Be sure to keep an eye out on our website over the next few months to find out more.

Please note places are limited and age limits apply for children wishing to take part.

  • Mental health
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Veterans

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