Introducing Arts Therapy

Introducing Arts Therapy

26 May 2021

We are excited to launch our brand-new Arts Therapy program for veterans and their families at our South East Queensland Family Recovery Centre.

Run in conjunction with Papernook, an Arts Therapy and Wellness initiative founded by practitioner Jasmine Wright, the Mates4Mates Arts Therapy program will be delivered courtesy of funds raised through last year’s National Appeal Day. 

Arts Therapy is an evidence-based allied health profession that provides a wonderful avenue for people to connect in a safe and fun setting. Designed to initiate change and growth through artistic expression, in a safe and supportive environment, the Arts Therapy program will support participants to:

  • Increase self-awareness and overall wellbeing;

  • Develop new skills in a fun, creative and safe therapeutic setting;

  • Feel connected to and further explore self-identity through creative arts-making processes;

  • Create social connectedness and provide an opportunity for shared understanding and learning within a group contextand;

  • Increase consideration of what it means to be a child of service men and women in Australia, while embracing their own unique experiences.

Arts Therapy can complement other supports already being received by participants and is particularly helpful for any young person who may not be able to verbalise or conceptualise their feelings.

It is also a soft approach that introduces and positively reinforces the idea of receiving health services and is a great option for those who have not found talking therapies to work effectively for them in the past.

Pilot programs for children (5-11 years) and teenagers (12-17 years) have commenced this week, with further group programs becoming available in term 3. 1-on-1 sessions are also available for veterans via referral through your Mates4Mates psychologist, counsellor or social worker.

If you would like more information, please contact us today

This program is for children and teens of veterans or current serving ADF members who are registered with Mates4Mates. Not yet registered? Find out how you and your family can join Mates4Mates and participate in this program, along with accessing the other services we offer.

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