Meet a Mate - Garrick

Meet a Mate - Garrick

13 October 2020

Townsville Mate, Garrick Millar, has written a poem about his personal journey to recovery. Read Garrick's poem.

After discharging from the Australian Army after 25 years, Garrick Millar felt like he had no direction. But after joining Mates4Mates, he found a light at the end of the tunnel.  

He initially decided to join for the camaraderie and has since taken part in a wide range of activities and services and volunteers at the Centre’s café. 

“Now I feel that I have more direction and feel that I once again belong and am doing something worthwhile.”

Garrick said he would encourage all veterans to reach out for support if they needed it.

“I would recommend everyone join Mates4Mates for the very reasons I did – for the camaraderie, good companionship, and general relaxed atmosphere. The different activities offered are really entertaining, and the psychological programs offered are above par.

“Joining Mates4Mates has been the best thing that I have done since leaving the Army.” 


It is so nice to be me,
I no longer need that convenient tree,
No whiskey needs to be drunk,
To the depths of drugs, I have not sunk.

My mind is still a little bit hazy,
I no longer think that I might be crazy,
My thoughts no longer swirl down a long dark funnel,
Suddenly there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

My dreams are now of a quieter hew,
My smiles are genuine, and my laughter true,
It is true that I am not always happy, 
But I no longer feel that my life is crappy.

My days were often filled with dread,
I often felt that I should be dead,
Now it’s goodbye to all the fog,
And it’s goodbye to you too, 
‘Black dog’.

Written by Garrick Millar

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