Our Impact in 2022

06 July 2023

Mates4Mates has actively changed lives in 2022, hitting new milestones as we provided support to veterans and their families impacted by service.

Since Mates4Mates was launched in 2013 by RSL Queensland, almost 10,000 veterans and family members have accessed our services, through our centres across Australia, Mates4Mates outreach activities, or our online services. Mates4Mates have been there every step of the way, bringing together the veteran community and their families from across the country.  

"It’s the small things, having a chat or taking you away from a tough situation – it makes you feel heard, and you feel like someone cares. I know for me, Mates4Mates has changed my life.” – Cara, veteran.  

In our 2022 Impact video, we highlight the role Mates4Mates has played in the lives of veterans and families who have found a way forward with the help of our services.  

With each veteran and family member featured in the video having their own unique experience transitioning out of the Defence Force and gravitating toward different Mates4Mates services available to them, listen to their stories of the connections they have made and how their lives have changed.  

Throughout 2022, we provided over 30,000 occasions of service across our mental health and physical rehabilitation services, social connection activities, and our Skills to Recovery programs.  

Designed to help veterans and family members recover from physical injuries and improve wellbeing, over 7,000 occasions of our physical rehabilitation and wellbeing services were delivered to the community in 2022.  

Working closely with accredited exercise physiologists, veterans and family members were provided effective and individualised treatment through a range of services, including physical rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, health education, pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, group fitness activities, movement for mental health, and more. 

At Mates4Mates, we know the impacts of service are not always visible and those within the Defence community can experience unique challenges that can impact their mental health and wellbeing. We are happy to share that last year, over 3,700 occasions of mental health and wellbeing services were delivered to veterans and their families. 

Using a range of evidence-based therapies, our team are here to help our clients manage their mental health concerns and improve quality of life through psychology, counselling, and social worker services. 

Knowing injuries come in many forms and there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, Mates4Mates offers Skills to Recovery programs, a service stream that was delivered on over 2,600 occasions in 2022. 

Our programs are designed to build resilience and assist with emotional-regulation and distress tolerance; these programs are designed to give the veteran community the skills and strategies to manage their long-term wellbeing. 

Finally, an important part of wellbeing and recovery, Mates4Mates successfully provided over 17,000 occasions of social connection, creating opportunities for veterans and families to have meaningful connections within the community.  

Through these connections supported by Mates4Mates, veterans and family members have been able to find mateship and purpose:  

“Finding Mates4Mates made my transition from Defence to civilian life a lot easier, it’s been my bridge between leaving Defence and going into everyday life.” – Shane*, veteran, SEQ 

“Mates4Mates has been instrumental in my recovery. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Mates4Mates crew.” – Mike*, veteran, TAS   

“I’d be lost without Mates4Mates. They’re like a favourite old cardigan you put on and immediately feel comfortable.” – John*, veteran, North QLD 

“Mates4Mates has helped me to understand the military mindset and the difference in experiences between myself and my husband.”  – Jane*, veteran’s partner, TAS   

“Mates4Mates has given me a sense of purpose. It gets me out of bed every morning.” – Chris*, veteran, NT   

2022 was a year full of incredible outcomes, achieved by the community built between our staff, veterans and families accessing Mates4Mates services, and supporters of those within the veteran community.  

We would like to thank everyone who offered their support through community fundraisers, partnerships, and donations. Your generosity has allowed us to continue providing vital services to veterans and their families impacted by service. 

If you would like to support veterans and family members impacted by service, please visit supportmates4mates.org


*Names have been changed to protect privacy 

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