Brie's Story

Brie's Story

03 June 2021

Help me make a lasting impact on the lives of veterans. As a Mates4Mates Liaison Officer, I know first-hand our community is life-changing for veterans and their families.

Speaking with Mates every day, I learn about their challenges with isolation, transitioning into civilian life or worse, some even questioning whether they will make it through their week.
As a veteran myself, I understand many of the challenges they are facing, and feel privileged to be part of a supportive community helping them move forward.

But we can’t do it without your help!

Clinical services are a critical part of recovery, but social connections have become a lifeline for veterans. Without them, they can feel alone and misunderstood.

As the new financial year gets closer, we need your help to provide those veterans and their families impacted by service with opportunities to build self-confidence and develop deeper connections - creating a robust and essential community.

Together, we can ensure veterans have meaningful support from both our clinical teams and a strong network of their peers.

Your gift today will help a veteran access a like-minded community and support as they progress in their recovery - focusing on a brighter future.

Many veterans who come to Mates4Mates are facing multiple challenges and need targeted support. Through us they can access a tailored recovery plan and a community that will stand with them, helping them move forward. 
In fact, 8 out of 10 veterans recently surveyed say that attending a Mates4Mates social connection activity has helped with their recovery.

Paul* is a veteran who regularly participates in our social activities.

The openness and social interaction between so many like-minded people make every activity a recovery event for me. I leave recharged and ready to tackle life once again.  

Paul                        Veteran, QLD
2020 was a tough year for many veterans and their families, as COVID-19 restrictions limited their social interactions. Thankfully, our social groups are now back and are helping those impacted by service form new connections away from the military.

Whether they join an informal coffee catch-up or participate in wheelchair basketball, these communities are vitally important to their recovery.
Spending time with other veterans and their families, talking, laughing and participating in activities that challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone, are all beneficial in improving and maintaining their mental health.

We don’t take the responsibility of providing support lightly - it’s critical to the wellbeing of veterans and changes their lives.

But we can’t do it without you.

I became a Liaison Officer with Mates4Mates because I wanted to help people, and if I can brighten someone’s day, even by a small amount, then my day has meant something.

By giving to Mates4Mates, you are contributing to a community where all veterans are supported, and they can find the critical connections they need.

I am proud to work for an organisation that can help  veterans and their families impacted by service move forward in their recovery to enjoy a positive and productive life.

With Mates behind you, there’s power to move forward.

Together, we can be there for our Mates and their families as we build strength through community.
Your support today can change the life of a veteran on the road to recovery.

With many thanks,
Mates4Mates Liaison Officer


*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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Brie's Story

Help me make a lasting impact on the lives of veterans. As a Mates4Mates Liaison Officer, I know first-hand our community is life-changing for veterans and their families.


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