Adam “Buzz” Lawson 

Adam Lawson, better known as Buzz, is the Head of Operations at Mates4Mates. Buzz has over 20 years’ experience with the Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Air Force (in the UK) and previously worked with RSL Victoria as the inaugural Chief of Veteran Services. 

During his time at RSL Victoria, Buzz was responsible for overseeing a generational change in the provision of advocacy, welfare, and wellbeing services to the veteran community. His military career saw him deployed to the Middle East and Afghanistan as an Air Combat Officer, a specialist operations director role. Buzz resigned from the military as a Senior Officer and Commanding Officer of the Over the Horizon Radar Unit in Adelaide.

In his spare time, Buzz enjoys surfing, mountain biking, sailing, and devoting what minimal spare time he has to being a community volunteer, RAAF Reserves Officer and amateur salami maker. 

Buzz Lawson, Head of Operations