Mates4Mates Four-Day Wellness Programs

Our Four-Day Wellness Programs have been designed to help veterans find new ways to better manage post-service challenges that they may be facing in their recovery, in a non-judgemental and inclusive environment.

Each program allows veterans to participate in interactive group workshops that can help them to develop healthy coping mechanisms that will support them in managing their mental and physical health now and into the future.

Each workshop is run by a collection of Mates4Mates psychologists, counsellors, social workers and exercise physiologists, dedicated to helping you get the most out of the group workshops across the four days.

The group workshops will cover topics such as:
  • PTSD
  • Relationships and communication
  • The challenge of transition from the ADF
  • Pain management
  • Physical activities
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
Held over four days (usually Tuesday to Friday), the program invites veterans to invest in themselves and their future alongside other veterans.

Four-Day Wellness Programs are delivered in-person throughout various locations in Australia and offered to veterans only.

Upcoming Four-Day Wellness Programs

04 Jun

Four-Day Wellness - Townsville

Join us for our next Four-Day Wellness Program in Townsville in June 2024.

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